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Bedrock has various types of transports to suit all the needs:


1)    Drayage / Devanning (Not including of other fees, like return, pickup, repairing, cleaning fee 
2)    9 Tons Cold Truck (Volume: 7-8pallets or 4Tons)

  • High Temperature (0℃ - 4℃)、Low Temperature (-18℃)

  • Point Delivery  (Including of 5cartons, surcharge will be charged for more cartons)

  • Serve all kinds of restaurants and Food Manufacturers (Except for residential area)

  •  Other On-Call methods, like hours call or monthly call

3)    Warehouse Unloading / Pickup / Storage Service (Minimum Service Charge)

  • Weight / Volume basis (* Highest rate will be counted)

  • Good Transferring (Pallet) or Weight Recording (float weight)

  • Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department Clearance 

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Clearance

  • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Clearance

  • Full Pallet Transportation

Other Services:

  1. Dock / Mate receipt (Extra fee is required)

  2. Unloading Suspension Service (Same day collection) 

  3. Pallet Borrowing (Deposit is needed)

  4. Delivery Worker


  1. Freezer Temperature keeps in between “-16℃ to - 20℃” or “+2℃ to +4℃”. (Record will be provided.)

  2. During pickup, company stamp and Hong Kong Identity Card must be provided. 

  3. Our Company will be fully responded in Marine, fire and burglary Insurance. If it is needed, customer may have other insurance plans.

  4. Spare Electric generator is standby for any suspension of electricity supply after 12hours.

  5. No compensation for weight mismatches for “non-human factors”.

  6. Storage charge will be effective on In-good date. 

  7. Invoice will be issued on the latest date of each month.

For Query, please phone 2982 2828 or Email to info@bedrockcold.com or press

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