(License Cold Storage)

+ 60,000 sq.ft warehouse space
+ Equipped with frozen logistics

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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

-33 TO -40°C


Ice cream, Sashimi, 

Medicine, etc...

Low Temperature Freezer

-18 TO -22°C


Frozen Meat, 

Frozen Seafood, etc...

High Temperature Freezer

​2°C TO 4°C


Vegetable, Ham,

Marine Food product, Preserved fruit, candy, flora, fruit, Butter, Egg, etc…

Constant Temperature Freezer  Dried Good Warehouse


Biscuit, Chocolate, Cookie, Grain, Film, Mineral Water, etc…

Cold Storage

- Logistics Company Limited

Freezers: Ultra-Low Temperature / Low Temperature / High Temperature / Constant Temperature / Dried Good

Bedrock cold storage located in Fotan “GOODMAN”, a former logistic building with top-roof and high load. Our cold storage has around 10,000 square fleets with incredible storage space.

With the presence of various lorry-entry loading platforms and numerous heavy loading lifts, it is time-saving!

Licence Cold Store 

-    Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Listed Cold Store
-    Comply with Fire Department regulation
-    Comply with government Hygiene and Safety Standard

Other freezer is also available in Kowloon and New Territories, please don’t be hesitate to call us!

Frozen Seafood
Frozen Meat
Frozen Poultry
Frozen Dough
Egg or Egg-made product
Ice Cream, Cheese, Milk, Milk-Made product

10/F., Phase II, Goodman Shatin Logistics Centre, No. 6 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.T.

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